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Frequent Urinary Tract Infections And Your Antibiotics Aren’t Working

There a few reasons why you could be suffering from frequent urinary tract infections and your antibiotics are not working. They are explained below.

The bacteria is now drug resistant

If you have taken a number of courses of antibiotics then the E-coli causing the UTI could now be resistant to your medication. All bacteria is good at adapting to its surroundings, and an environment continually attacked with antibiotics is no different.

Your immune system

Antibiotics also weaken your immune system. Your body needs a strong, fully functioning immune system so it can fight off infections such as UTIs.

Your bacterial balance

Antibiotics also upset the natural bacterial balance in your body. This always works in favor of the infection causing bacteria as you have no friendly bacteria left to protect you.

With all these things that antibiotics do to you, you can see why antibiotics are now the biggest cause of bacterial infections in people. If you think this is what has happened to you then you could consider a natural urinary tract infection cure.

Natural UTI remedy

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