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Home Remedies For Urinary Tract Infections

Home remedies for urinary tract infection are becoming more popular all the time. The main reason for the increase in natural UTI cures is the effect antibiotics has on a woman’s body. While antibiotics are need for a lot of things, one thing that can easily be cured without them is a urinary tract infection.

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Resistant urinary tract infection

Most women turn to a home remedy for their UTI because conventional medicines such as antibiotics no longer work. The E coli that is living in the urinary tract has become resistant because the amount of anti biotics they have taken in the past.

The E coli that has caused your infection has been living in your body all your life, so every course of antibiotics you’ve ever taken has had an effect on it. It’s even worse if you have taken antibiotics in the past and haven’t finished the course off. Taking antibiotics and not finishing the course mans that the surviving bacteria builds up a resistance that lasts forever.

Can’t see your doctor

Another reason why natural bladder infection cures are chosen over antibiotics is because the sufferer hasn’t got health insurance and can’t afford to se their doctor, and/or afford the prescription fees. Natural UTI remedies are far cheaper as well as a lot faster at curing your infection so if you can’t afford to see your doctor you do have other affordable options.

Antibiotics and your body

One other reason why home remedies for UTI’s are becoming more common is the effect of antibiotics on your boyd. More women are now suffering from yeast infections after they have treated their urinary tract infection because the antibiotics kill off the body’s natural protection against mutating Candida.

12 hour natural UTI cure

The main advantage with a UTI natural remedy is the fact that you’ll have your infection cured within 12 hours. Depending on what time you’re reading this you could be cured before you go to bed tonight.

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