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How Long Do You Take Antibiotics For To Cure A Urinary Tract Infection

How long do you need to take antibiotics for to cure a urinary tract infection? This is a question someone has asked, and I like to use this blog to answer questions so everyone gets the benefit of the answer.

The answer to this question is, you take the antibiotics for the full course. This is even if you think that your UTI is cured before the course of antibiotics has finished.

Resistant bacteria

If you stop taking the antibiotics before the course has finished you will create a super E-coli bacteria in your body that is resistant to antibiotics. Once this happens you will start suffering from recurrent urinary tract infections that are difficult to cure, and then your health could start to suffer.

If the full course doesn’t cure your UTI

If you’re now in the position where taking the full course of antibiotics didn’t cure your UTI then you may already have resistant E coli in your body. This could be due to using antibiotics for other infections in the past.

You could have also have taken the wrong antibiotics. Many women purchase antibiotics online now without the assistance from their doctor, and they end up treating themselves with the wrong treatment. Only your doctor will know what antibiotics you need because of what you have taken in the past.

UTI natural cure

If you are struggling to cure your urinary tract infection with anti fungal drugs you could try a natural cure. A natural cure will…

  • Cure you infection in 12 hours
  • Do it without any side effects
  • Give you the knowledge to prevent further infections
  • Strengthen your immunity to the E-coli bacteria
  • Eliminate the need for antibiotics

You can read more about Joe Barton’s 12 Hours UTI Natural Remedy here, and how Terri Johnson successfully flushed the E-coli from her urinary tract using products purchased locally for less than $20.

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