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How Many Antibiotics Can You Take For A UTI

Only your doctor will know how many antibiotics you can take for you urinary tract infection. If you have purchased them without a prescription then do not take them until you have seen your doctor. Your doctor is the only person who can tell you how long to take the antibiotics for as taking a full course is important.

If you really are unsure of how many antibiotics you need to take for your urinary tract infection then visit 12 Hour UTI Cure where you’ll save your money and your health. You’ll learn how to cure your UTI without any antibiotics so you won’t ruin your good health, and you won’t create a drug resistant infection.

Your health

Taking antibiotics incorrectly can seriously damage your health. You can easily create resistant bacteria in your body if you don’t use take them properly, and that’s the last thing you want to do.

Resistant bacteria

Some antibiotics that were once used for UTIs such as Amoxicillin are no longer used in a lot of cases because most E coli are now resistant to them. Taking them will make your UTI worse if you fall into this category.

Purchasing antibiotics online

A lot of women now purchase their antibiotics online because they don’t have any health insurance so they don’t bother seeing their doctor. This is very dangerous.

If you create a resistant E coli bacteria in your urinary tract it will move up your urinary tract and then infect your kidneys. This can lead to you suffering from kidney damage, and then anything can happen, and in a worse case scenario, death.

You should never take antibiotics, without consulting your doctor first. Your doctor has your complete health records so he/she is the only person that will know how much exposure the E coli in your body has already had to any antibiotics you have taken in the past. E coli lives naturally in your bowel so they have been exposed to every antibiotic you’ve ever taken.

Natural UTI cure

If you want to save money and time you can use a natural UTI cure. It works in 12 hours, and will not weaken your immune system like antibiotics will. The E coli have no chance of becoming resistant either.

You can read more information about the 12 hour natural UTI cure here – Natural UTI Cure.

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