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I’ve Taken 3 Different Antibiotics And Still Have A Urinary Tract Infection

If you’ve taken 3 different antibiotics and still have a urinary tract infection then you need to see your doctor as soon as possible. That is, if you haven’t seen your doctor already. If you’ve been prescribed the antibiotics by your doctor, then it’s time for a different approach to treating your UTI.

Your doctor will continue to prescribe you antibiotics until you’re infection is completely resistant to all antibiotics. Not only will your health suffer, but so will your pocket. A course of antibiotics isn’t cheap, and to make it worse you don’t even need antibiotics to cure a UTI. Your doctor won’t tell you this because they get paid by the drug companies that make the pills that your doctor is prescribing.

Your intestinal flora

Every course of antibiotics kills off the friendly bacteria in your intestines, and this leaves your body open to other infections such as yeast infections and strep throat. Your immune system is also weakened by the over use of antibiotics, and this increases your chances of getting more infections.

A natural UTI cure

The only effect a natural UTI cure has on your health is improving it. And you can cure your infection in 12 hours with items purchased in your local grocery store. You no longer need to take any expensive drugs that are not working, and are damaging your health.

Mary Jo Barton

Mary Jo Barton discovered a natural UTI cure that has helped thousands of women flush the E coli bacteria from the urinary tract in 12 hours with items people use every day. The cost of the items doesn’t even come close to the cost of one course of antibiotics.

The sooner you free yourself of the symptoms the better you will feel, and the quicker you can get your life back.

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