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I’ve Taken Antibiotics And I Still Have My Bladder Infection

I’ve taken antibiotics and still have a bladder infection. This is something that gets said more now than it did a few years ago. The reasons have grown as well because of the availability of antibiotics on the internet, and this is made worse with misinformation that you can view on public forums, and other web sites.

Resistant UTI

The main reason why antibiotics fail to cure your bladder infection are the E coli that are infecting you are resistant to the antibiotics you have used. This is happening to more women all the time due to the way doctors prescribe antibiotics for every infection that they come across.

If you have used antibiotics before for another infection, when you were taking them the E coli in your body could have become resistant then. We all have E coli living inside of us, it’s only when it enters your urethra that it causes an infection. E coli lives in all of us all the time so every course of antibiotics gives it more exposure, and makes it a more resistant.

The wrong antibiotics

If you have purchased your antibiotics online then you could have used the wrong type. Antibiotics that were once used for urinary tract infections are no longer used because the E coli have become resistant to them in a high percentage of women. If you are going to use antibiotics then only your doctor will know which type to prescribe you.

Your immune system

If you have a weak immune system the E coli can easily re-infect you after your treatment has finished. Antibiotics can weaken your immune system because they wipe out your immune boosting friendly bacteria. Your friendly bacteria also fight off any infection causing bacteria so you’re open to any type of infection when you have finished a course of antibiotics. Sometimes the antibiotics become the cause of recurrent infections because of the damage they do to your health and your intestinal flora.

Natural cure for your bladder infection

If you’re now finding that antibiotics ar no longer any weapon against the E coli in your body you can use a UTI home remedy. The E coli won’t be resistant to this type of treatment so you will easily cure yourself without the need of any more drugs or medicines.

Your bladder infection home remedy will also have you cured by this time tomorrow as it is a 12 hour cure. The reason it works so fast is because it doesn’t kill the E coli, it flushes the bacteria out of your bladder and urethra. The home cure creates an environment in your urinary tract that the E coli can’t stand living in so it is forced to un-attach itself from your urethra and bladder. Once this happens you can flush it out. This action takes about 12 hours, and then you’re cured.

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