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I’ve Taken Antibiotics For My UTI And I Still Have It

I’ve taken antibiotics for my UTI and I still have it, is a statement that’s getting more and more common all the time. The reasons for this are explained below.

The wrong antibiotics

One reason antibiotics haven’t cured a urinary tract infection are the wrong type has been taken. More women now purchase their antibiotics online without knowing the risks, and without the assistance of their doctor or health practitioner. This leads to them purchasing the wrong antibiotics even though they say they cure urinary tract infections.

Only your doctor will know what antibiotics you need to use from your medical history. If you’ve used antibiotics in the past then you may need stronger ones now to deal with the E-coli bacteria that have infected your urinary tract.

Resistant E-coli

Even if you’ve used antibiotics that have been prescribed by your doctor you could still have resistant E-coli infection your bladder, and that could be the reason your urinary tract infection hasn’t been cured. The main reason this happens is women that have taken antibiotics a lot in the past for other infections have created a resistant E-coli bacteria even before it has infected them, and then when they need to kill the E-coli the antibiotics don’t have any effect on them, and will just make them stronger.

weakened immune system

A weakened immune system is another cause for the E-coli to re-infect you after treatment. Antibiotics use can cause a weakened immune system, and so can many other prescription drugs as well as a diet that lacks nutrition. Your doctor should be able to tell you if your immunity is low.

Urinary tract infection natural remedy

If you’re not being successful with anti bacterial drugs then a urinary tract infection natural remedy could be just what you need. The E-coli won’t become immune to it, and if it has any effect on your immunity it will only strengthen it. It is a home UTI cure that only requires products that are easily purchased locally from your grocery store or supermarket.

Being completely natural this UTI treatment has no side effects, and won’t harm your body in any way. All the products do is create an environment in your urinary tract that the E-coli cannot live in, and then you just flush the E-coli from your system. All this is done in 12 hours which is a lot less than another course of antibiotics. The products are a lot cheaper than antibiotics as well, and will cost you less than $20.

Mary Jo Barton will show you how you can spend less than $20 in your local grocery store on products that will cure your bladder/urinary tract infection within 12 hours. You can read more information, and user testimonials here – Mary Jo Barton’s Natural UTI 12 Hour Cure.

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