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Leaving A Urinary Tract Infection Untreated

Leaving a urinary tract infection untreated can seriously damage your health. UTIs are caused by bacteria entering your urethra, and it will stay there, and make it’s way to your kidneys if you don’t start treating it today.

See your doctor first

Always see your doctor before you start any treatment so you get a correct diagnosis for your infection, and you know what you need to cure yourself. This is more the case if you’re going to use antibiotics to treat yourself. Only your doctor will know what antibiotics you need for your infection.

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Antibiotics on a drip

Leaving a urinary tract infection means it will spread to your kidneys, and then you’re going to end up in hospital being fed antibiotics on a drip. In worst case scenarios an infection to the kidneys can lead to death.

Your choices of treatment

You have two choices of treatment for your urinary tract infection. You can use antibiotics that have been prescribed by your doctor or you can use a natural cure.

Antibiotics for your UTI

If you want to use antibiotics for your infection then make sure you only use antibiotics that have been prescribed to you. many women buy their antibiotics online without discussing it with their doctor first, and then they end up creating an infection that is resistant because they have used the wrong antibiotics for the wrong amount of time.

Only your doctor will know what you must use, the strength of them and how long your course will last.

What you mustn’t do as well is use antibiotics that have been prescribed for someone else or antibiotics that you have in your cupboard. Using any of these will also create a resistant strain of bacteria in your body. 50% of women already need a second course of antibiotics even when they have been prescribed, and this will give the bacteria in your body more exposure to them.

Antibiotics take between a few days and a couple of weeks to cure your infection. Some women will need weeks of treatment depending on how many courses of antibiotics they have taken in the past.

Natural UTI cure

To save leaving your urinary tract infection untreated you can use a natural treatment that you can start using within the hour. Also, with a natural UTI cure you have no chance of creating resistant bacteria in your body because the treatment doesn’t kill them. This means the bacteria won’t mutate into a stronger strain.

All you do with a natural cure is flush the bacteria out of your urinary tract, and this only takes 12 hours from the start of your treatment.

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