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My UTI Won’t Go Away – Can I Stop Taking My Antibiotics

My UTI won’t go away, can I stop my antibiotics? This is a question I’ve received from someone who is now suffering from chronic urinary tract infections.

Your course of antibiotics

When you start a course of antibiotics it’s very important that you finish the course. Not finishing the course can lead to more bacterial infections later. This is because the bacteria that survive become resistant to the antibiotics because they have already been exposed to the drug, and will know how to survive when you next use it.

Thousands of men and women now regularly suffer from bacterial and fungal infections because of unfinished courses of antibiotics.

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If your UTI won’t go away

If you’re now suffering from a chronic urinary tract infection then it’s important you speak to your doctor about it. You could have an underlying cause that your doctor can test you for.

If you have taken numerous courses of antibiotics then the bacteria in your body could now be immune to them. Antibiotics are now the biggest cause of bacterial and fungal infections as they are now prescribed for more infections than ever.

What usually happens is, you’ll be prescribed antibiotics for throat infections or any other infection, and then later on you start suffering from other bacterial or fungal infections for no reason. Many people find that when they were a child they took the antibiotics regularly, but it’s not until well into adulthood that the effects start to show.

What you can do

If you’re not getting any success with drugs you can cure your urinary tract infection naturally. You can read more on your options for the most effective natural UTI cures here.

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