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The Most Successful Urinary Tract Infection Medicine

The most successful urinary tract infection medicine is a UTI home cure. Home cures for urinary tract infections are more successful than conventional cures because they work in a more effective way, and home remedies don’t carry the health risks that prescription drugs do.

Antibiotics and your UTI

UTI home remedies don’t work like antibiotics in the fact that they don’t actually kill the E coli. Antibiotics need to be taken for 3 to 7 days because they have to fully kill all of the E coli in your body. This includes the e coli that live in your intestines. The E coli in your intestines aren’t anything to worry about because we all have the E coli bacteria in out intestines. It is kept under control by our friendly bacteria.

Because the antibiotics have to kill the E coli, they have to kill all of the E coli in your body to help prevent any of them surviving. If any of them survive then they become resistant. 40% of urinary tract infections need a second course of antibiotics, and with every course comes the risk of resistant E coli being created.

Natural urinary tract infection medicine

When you cure your UTI naturally you don’t need to kill the E coli so you have no risk of creating resistant E coli bacteria. You also don’t have to worry about the E coli in your intestines either. All you need to do is concentrate on the bacteria that have infected your urinary tract.

When you use a urinary tract infection home remedy you create an environment in your urethra and bladder that the E coli can’t stand. This forces them to un-attach themselves from the walls of your urinary tract. Once they let go you can easily and successfully flush them out of your body. All this is done in 12 hours which is a lot less time than the antibiotics take, and the percentage rate of success with a UTI home remedy is a lot higher.

Your chances of success

Antibiotics need a second course of treatment in 40% of cases, and that is compared to a 98% success rate of a home UTI cure. Home remedies for UTI’s are also a lot cheaper than a course of antibiotics with everything you need coming to less than $20, and you can purchase everything you need from your local grocery store.

Mary Jo Barton

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