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My Bladder Infection Will Not Go Away

There are a few reasons why your bladder infection will not go away, and fortunately your bladder infection can still be cured even if ( at this moment ) you don’t think it can.

Resistant E coli bacteria

If you’re at present attempting to cure your bladder infection with antibiotics without any success then the antibiotics could be making your infection worse. While you’re continually pumping your body with antibiotics the E coli that is causing your infection is becoming resistant to the drug.

If your bladder infection is resistant to antibiotics you can use a natural UTI remedy that has been used by thousands of women. Find out more information about how you can cure your UTI in 12 hours here – 12 Hour Natural UTI Cure.

Your natural intestinal flora

Your natural intestinal flora plays a big part in your body’s natural defenses against infection causing bacteria. Your friendly bacteria is there to fight off the infection causing bacteria, but antibiotics use wipes out your friendly bacteria so you have none to defend a reoccurrence of your infection.

E coli and your immune system

To successfully cure your bladder infection you need your immune system to be at it’s best. The antibiotics that you’re taking, or any other medication that you’re taking could be weakening your immune system. No bladder infection cure will work if your immune system is unable to prevent your infection from returning once your treatment stops. Your friendly bacteria that has been killed by the antibiotics also helps to keep your immune system up to strength. Friendly bacteria help you absorb more nutrients from your food which keeps your immune system strong.

How to cure your chronic bladder infections

To successfully cure your bladder infections you need a treatment that will help reverse the damage caused by antibiotics use. It will need to…

  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Kill the E coli bacteria
  • Fully flush out your bladder
  • Prevent the need for any antibiotics

A very successful treatment that has been used thousands of times before by UTI sufferers is Mary Jo Barton’s Bladder infection home remedy. It is a simple system that flushes the E coli out of your urinary tract instead of the need to kill it. This prevents the E coli that lives in your bowel from becoming too exposed to antibiotics so you don’t risk having an antibiotic resistant bacteria living in your body.

You can leanr more about the natural UTI remedy , and read what other sufferers have said about it at Mary Jo Barton’s Natural Cure For Bladder Infections here.

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