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My Bladder Infection Won’t Go Away

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If your bladder infection won’t go away, there are two common reasons for this to happen. The most important thing to do is get a diagnosis from your doctor before you attempt to use any drugs on your vaginal infection. If you have another infection then antibiotics could make it worse.

You’re not treating your UTI

Some women will leave their bladder infection untreated in the hope that it will cure on its own. This very rarely happens, and only happens to women who have a strong immune system, and consume a diet that naturally flushes the E coli from their urinary tract.

If you don’t attempt to cure your urinary tract infection then it will get worse, and it will spread to your kidneys. If this happens you will end up in hospital having antibiotics pumped into by a drip. This is not an enjoyable experience. If you leave it too long you also risk damaging your kidneys permanently.

With the amount of cures available now, there is no reason to leave a bladder infection untreated. It’s an infection that only takes 12 hours to cure.

The E coli is resistant to antibiotics

Another common cause for bladder infections to not go away is the E coli causing the infection is resistant to antibiotics. This happens if you’ve taken antibiotics a lot in the past, or you’ve taken before and not finished the course properly. If you don’t finish the course of antibiotics you can leave bacteria in your body, and this bacteria will be resistant because you didn’t kill it off. The bacteria then mutates into a different form that is resistant and a lot stronger.

Natural bladder infection cure

If your infection is resistant to antibiotics the good news is you can use a natural cure that will cure you by this time tomorrow. Mary Jo Barton has a 12 hour natural cure that flushes all of the infection causing bacteria in your urethra in 12 hours after the start of your treatment.

You can read more about Mary’s natural UTI cure here – Mary Jo Barton’s 12 Hour Bladder Infection Cure.

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