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Natural Cures For Urinary Tract Infections

Fastest Cure For UTI

Natural cures for urinary tract infections are now being used by more women all the time. The usual prescription of antibiotics is causing so many yeast infections that women now want to avoid them, and also build their immunity against more bladder infections. The cost of antibiotics is a problem for a lot of sufferers as they can become unaffordable for a lot of sufferers depending on their budget.

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Antibiotics use

Because antibiotics use is on the increase so is the rate of yeast infections in women. Antibiotics destroy the body’s natural defenses, and this is why more women are avoiding using them. They want a UTI treatment that will treat their urinary tract infection, and put them at risk for another infection. Drug companies are making millions every year because of this.

You purchase your prescription for your antibiotics, and then when you get a yeast infection you have to purchase something else. If you need two courses of antibiotics to treat your infection, and then your suffer from chronic yeast infections, your medical bills can run into the hundreds of dollars.

A natural 12 hour UTI cure

Not only is a natural cure for urinary tract infection cheaper than a load of drugs, but it works in less than a day. It just flushes the bacteria out of your urethra. It doesn’t kill the bacteria, because it doesn’t need to be killed. And you also don’t have any chance of getting a yeast infection afterwards because the friendly bacteria in your body isn’t killed off.

The speed in which you cure your bladder infection is important. The longer you leave the bacteria in your urethra, the more chance you have getting up to your kidneys. How would you like to be cured in 12 hours? Most suffer like the idea od a fast treatment and have used the 12 hour remedy that has a much higher success rate than antibiotics. Antibiotics take a second course in 50% of patients, and some women need multiple courses until their infection is fully treated.

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Leaving a urinary tract infection untreated.

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