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Natural UTI Cure

Natural UTI cures are becoming more popular now because of the effect antibiotics are having on the human body. So many women now get another type of infection after a course of antibiotics such as a yeast infection, and more and more women are now requiring more than one course of antibiotics to cure an infection that doesn’t even need any drugs.

Resistant bacteria

New antibiotics are being developed all the time because more strains of E coli are becoming resistant to the antibiotics that have been used already. When you need to start taking more than one course of treatment for your infection ( because it is resistant ) it can have a serious effect on your good health.

Your immune system

Antibiotics use that is not needed can weaken your immune system. Your body eventually gives up trying to fight off an infection on its own because it learns that a course of antibiotics is on its way. This soon leads to your body not being able to fight off most infections, and this can mean you start suffering from chronic infections of any kind.

Your intestinal flora

Your body has billions of bacteria living in it, and some of these bacteria are friendly and your body needs them to stay healthy. Friendly bacteria also prevent urinary tract infections so if you’re body is at full strength then you’re less likely to suffer from an infection in the first place.

Your friendly bacteria also strengthen your immune system and prevent other infections. Antibiotics use is the main cause of yeast infection for this reason. Antibiotics kill friendly bacteria then the Candida yeast that lives in all of us can mutate into a fungus.

The time it takes to treat your UTI

Antibiotics can take anywhere between a few days and a few months to cure a urinary tract infection and cost you a lot of money.

A natural UTI treatment will save you a lot of money and only take 12 hours to work. A natural UTI cure just flushes the E coli out of your urinary tract. There’s no need to kill the bacteria, and because you’re not killing the bacteria, there’s no chance of it becoming resistant. Once you have a resistant UTI from antibiotics use you can end up in hospital if the infection spreads to your kidneys.

Natural UTI cure

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