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Reasons For Chronic Urinary Tract Infections

There are a few reasons for chronic urinary tract infections. The good news is once you have discovered the reason for your infection you will no longer have to suffer from recurrent bacterial UTIs.

Personal hygiene

Poor personal hygiene can be a culprit of chronic urinary tract infections. A urinary tract infection is caused by the E. coli bacteria which lives in and around your rectum. Keeping yourself clean in this area of your body is very important, especially if you suffer from recurrent urinary tract infections. If you wipe from back to front it’s a good idea to change to wiping front to back to help keep any bacteria away from your urethra.

The infection is resistant to the treatment

The strain of bacteria causing your UTI could be resistant to the treatment you’re using. If you have used antibiotics a lot in the past for various infections then the bacteria causing the UTI may have been resistant before you even started your treatment. All that will happen now is the bacteria will get stronger and even harder to kill.

Your immune system may be weak

Again, if you have taken a lot of antibiotics or other immune suppressing drugs in the past your immune system may not be strong enough to fight the infection. So if your now taking more antibiotics for your UTI your immune system will be getting weaker.

Your body’s natural flora

Your body has a natural bacterial balance that helps keep bacterial infections away, especially once they have been cured. Oral anti fungals like antibiotics can upset your bacterial balance, and leave your body in a condition to be infected by any bacteria that decides to make a home in and on your body.

Find the cause first

If your doctor can’t find the cause of your UTI then you will need to discover it yourself. Once you have you can then cure yourself and keep the infection away for good.

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