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Recurrent E-coli Urinary Tract Infections

Recurrent E-coli urinary tract infections are causing problems for more women all the time, and they are usually a sign that your current medication isn’t working, and can in fact, be contributing to your chronic UTI’s.

Antibiotics use

If you’re trying to cure your infection with antibiotics, and the infection has become recurrent then the E-coli is probably now resistant to the antibiotics you’re using. If you’re using antibiotics without the assistance of your doctor or health practitioner then you need to go and see them as soon as possible. Continual antibiotics use will seriously affect your health in the long run.

Resistant E-coli

A lot of recurrent urinary tract infection sufferers have used antibiotics in the past for other infections. This can create a resistant E-coli strain in your body before you are ever infected by the bacteria. This means that the first time you’re infected the E-coli is resistant even before you attempt to cure yourself.

This is why it’s important for you to get your doctor’s assistance so he/she knows exactly what medication you have taken in the past. Many women go online now to buy antibiotics just because a certain antibiotic is for curing UTI’s. Only your doctor will know what antibiotic you can use from viewing your medical records, and then they will know what antibiotics you need to use for your UTI.

Your intestinal flora

Antibiotics and other drug use can alter your intestinal flora so that infection causing bacteria like the E-coli can infect you without any natural defense from your body. A good healthy intestinal flora that is filled with friendly bacteria will help prevent recurrent E-coli urinary tract infections. Friendly bacteria also strengthen your immune system which is also needed to prevent Chronic UTI’s.

Your treatment choices

You get the choice to either continue using courses of antibiotics in the hope that the next course will cure your infection, or you can use a completely natural home remedy that will have your urinary tract infection cured by this time tomorrow.

Mary Jo Barton’s home remedy for UTI

Mary Jo Barton has created a home remedy for UTI’s that is a 12 hour step by step program that uses products you can buy locally in your supermarket for less than $20. If you’ve been using antibiotics than you know that these products save you a lot more money, and will cure your infection in a lot less time.

The products that you buy create an acidic environment in your urinary tract that the E-coli can’t tolerate, and then you can easily flush the E-coli from your bladder and urethra.

A UTI home remedy also doesn’t upset your intestinal flora like antibiotics do, and it won’t weaken your immune system either.

You can read more information on your UTI home remedy, and read what previous users of this remedy have to say here – Mary Jo Barton’s Home Remedy For UTI.

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