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Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections

Recurrent urinary tract infections are now a problem for more and more women all the time. Antibiotics, which are always prescribed for bladder infections are being over prescribed and over used by sufferers. These are now becoming part of the problem for chronic UTIs.

Resistant bacteria causing UTIs

Because antibiotics are being over prescribed, and they are being used incorrectly more women now suffer from urinary tract infections that are caused by antibiotics resistant bacteria. Even if you’ve taken the antibiotics in the past for other infections, the bacteria that is causing your bladder infection has still been exposed to the treatment.

Most urinary tract infections are caused by the E coli bacteria, and this bacteria lives naturally in everyone’s bowel. This means they get exposed to every course of antibiotics that have ever entered your body. The problems start when it’s time to treat a UTI, and the bacteria are already resistant to the antibiotics that have been prescribed.

50% of women already need a second course of antibiotics because the first one didn’t work, and when your suffering from recurrent urinary tract infections even more courses are needed until an antibiotic is found that your infection isn’t resistant to.

Purchasing antibiotics online

More women now purchase their antibiotics online because they can be cheaper, and they save seeing their doctor first. If they don’t have health insurance they can’t usually afford to pay for a doctor’s visit so they start treating their infection themselves. This leads to them purchasing the wrong antibiotics, and using them for the wrong amount of time.

Only your doctor will know which antibiotics you need for your infection because they have your health records, and they can see what antibiotics you’ve taken in the past. This helps them determine what antibiotics are needed to treat your infection. Some antibiotics that wee used a few years a go to treat UTIs are no longer any good now, but online companies will still sell them as UTI cures.

A natural treatment for recurrent urinary tract infections

If you’re suffering from recurrent urinary tract infections, and you’re not having any success with antibiotics you can easily cure your infection naturally. The bacteria that is clinging to the inside of your urinary tract doesn’t need to be killed, it just needs o be flushed out, and this is how a natural cure works.

This means that the E coli can’t build any resistance to the treatment, so the same treatment will work time and time again until you know how to prevent your infections, and have strengthened your immune system.

Mary Jo Barton has created a natural UTI cure, and she will also teach you…

  • How to prevent future infections
  • How to learn the first signs of an infection
  • What is triggering your infections
  • How to strengthen your immune system

You will never suffer form a urinary tract infection again.

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