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Self Treatment For Urinary Tract Infections

A self treatment for urinary tract infections is being chosen by more women now than it ever has. UTI sufferers are realizing that antibiotics are not needed to cure a urinary tract infection, and there are other safer alternatives that work with the body instead of against it. A self treatment will work in harmony with your body so the bacteria is eliminated from your urinary tract naturally. Antibiotics have to kill all of the bacteria in your body, and this action can have an effect on your good health.

How long to you want to wait to be cured

If you want to be cured in the shortest time possible then a self treatment for urinary tract infections is what will get you the results you’re after. Antibiotics will take any where from a few days to weeks depending on whether you get prescribed the right ones first. 50% of women need a second course of antibiotics now because bacteria is becoming resistant to the antibiotics that are prescribed for UTIs.

A self treatment will work in 12 hours, and that is without the risk of creating a resistant infection. Only drugs cause resistant bacteria, but with a self treatment you’re treating yourself naturally so there is no chance of any resistance being built.

Your immune system

Depending on how many courses of antibiotics you’ll need, and how many you’ve taken in the past, you’re immune system will become weaker with every course you take. Your body begins to rely on antibiotics to cure infections that your body could once deal with on its own.

You have an intestinal flora made up of good and bad bacteria. The good bacteria is important for your immune system, and antibiotics kill beneficial bacteria, and this is one reason why your immune system becomes weak. The beneficial bacteria in your intestines also protect you from other infections, and this is why antibiotics are now the biggest cause of yeast infections.

Getting help with your self treatment for urinary tract infections

If you’re going to treat your UTI yourself from home it’s important that you still get expert help. Just trying a home remedy that you’ve heard has worked for someone could make your infection worse. You need something reliable that will have you fully cured within 12 hours.

Mary Jo Barton has helped thousands of women do just that. Mary will practically hold you by the hand and take you through 12 hours of self treatment that will have you fully cured. You’ll also be taught how to prevent future infections, and how you can strengthen your immunity against infection.

You can read more about Mary Jo Barton, and read what other UTI sufferers have said about Mary’s help here – Mary Jo Barton’s 12 Hour UTI Cure.

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