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Severe UTI And Yeast Infection

If you’re suffering from a severe UTI and a yeast infection then the two infections are connected. Your severe urinary tract infection means that you’re taking a lot of antibiotics, and antibiotics are the biggest cause of yeast infections. So for you to get out of this cycle of infections, and get your good health back you need to get away from these prescription drugs. The reason why the antibiotics are not curing your infection is because the bacteria is now drug resistant.

Curing a UTI without antibiotics

It’s possible for you to cure your UTI without any antibiotics and you’ll be cured by this time tomorrow. You can use a natural urinary tract infection remedy that has been successfully used by tens of thousands of women and it it has a near 100% success rate for treating you within 12 hours.

If works by creating an environment if you urinary tract that the bacteria can’t stand living in so it releases itself, and then you just need to flush it out. Once you’ve got the bacteria out of your urinary tract your symptoms will disappear. And once you’re not taking antibiotics any more you can start treating your yeast infection.

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Curing your yeast infection

Because of all the antibiotics you’ve been taking you’ve destroyed your body’s natural defenses, and weakened your immune system. This means that the yeast in your body has now mutated into a fungus because it is no longer being kept under control. If you start taking anti fungal drugs to kill the fungus then once your treatment has stopped the yeast will just carry on mutating into more fungus. You have fungus in your digestive tract as well as in your vagina, and it will slowly destroy your health if you don’t eliminate it and its source.

If you carry on treating the symptoms of your infection with these anti fungal drugs then you’re going to create a drug resistant fungus in your body to go along with the drug resistant bacteria you created with the antibiotics.

Natural yeast infection cure

A yeast infection natural cure will repair the damage done to your body’s natural defenses. Natural cures work with your body instead of against them. All these drugs you been taking are creating an environment in your body that the fungus loves. They alter the chemical balance in your body and lower PH levels so that the environment turns more acidic. It’s perfect for yeast and fungus.

Sarah Summer has helped over 100,000 sufferers cure their yeast infection from the root cause so that the yeast in their body has lost the ability to mutate into an infection causing fungus. Sarah can be helping you within the next 15 minutes. Visit her site at Sarah Summer’s Natural Cure For Yeast Infection.

Once you get away from the continual drug taking you’ll turn your health around, and get away from your severe UTI and yeast infection suffering.

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