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Treat A UTI Yourself

Treating a UTI yourself is an option that is being taken by thousands of women every week. Some of them are successful, and some women make their infection worse in in some cases make their infection resistant to antibiotics.

If you use antibiotics

If you’re going to use antibiotics to treat a UTI yourself you must find out first what antibiotics you need to use. You can’t just purchase any type of antibiotics hoping that it will cure your infection. You can easily go to an offshore companies web site and read what antibiotics they have that are used for urinary tract infections, but they will sell you anything without worrying about the damage you can cause to your body.

Using the wrong antibiotics can, and will, make your infection worse. The bacteria that has infected your urinary tract will also become resistant if they haven’t killed them off completely.

There must be no surviving bacteria

When you use antibiotics to treat any infection you must kill all of the bacteria that is in your body, or the surviving bacteria will become resistant. This means you need the correct strength of pills and you need to take them for the correct amount of time. Only your doctor will know this. Your doctor has a record ( or should have ) of all the antibiotics you have taken in the past. They need to know this so they know what exposure the bacteria in your body has already had to antibiotics.

The bacteria that causes most urinary tract infections is the E coli bacterium, and this lives naturally in your bowel. So the E coli that is living in your bowel could already be resistant to some antibiotics, depending on how many courses you have taken in the past.

Treat a UTI yourself, naturally

A lot of women are now going for the safer and quicker option of a natural UTI cure. When you treat your UTI naturally you’re cured in 12 hours, and you can’t create any resistant bacteria in your body.

A natural UTI cure just flushes the bacteria out of your urinary tract so you don’t need to kill the bacteria in the rest of your body like you need to do with antibiotics. A natural cure also strengthens your immunity against further infections as your body has cured the infection itself without the need for any drugs to do the work for it. Your body can eventually become dependant on antibiotics if they are used for too many infections.

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