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Untreated Bladder Infections

Untreated bladder infections are making women seriously ill all over the world. Why anyone who has cures available to them that will have their urinary tract infection completely cured within 12 hours is unexplainable. If you do decide to leave your urinary tract infection untreated be prepared for serious illness, and hospitalization.

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Your good health

Up until you started suffering from an untreated bladder infection your health was probably good. If you leave the E coli in your urinary tract, it will make it’s way up to your kidneys where it will make your infection a lot worse. Once you start suffering from a kidney infection you’ll need to go into hospital for more powerful antibiotics that could be fed to you through a drip. This will cure your infection but it won’t do your immune system any good.

Antibiotics and your intestinal flora

Antibiotics use unbalances your intestinal flora. WHen you take a course they don’t decide on what bacteria they are going to kill, they kill all of the bacteria in your body. Sp the friendly bacteria that is protecting you gets killed as well. So the last thing you need is for them to be fed to you through a drip while you’re in hospital. You need to cure your infection in the quickest time possible.

Maybe you want to avoid any antibiotics

If you have an untreated bladder infection because you don’t want to avoid taking antibiotics then you can cure your UTI naturally. And the biggest benefit of using a natural cure is you’ll be cured in 12 hours as opposed to days while taking antibiotics.

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