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Urinary Tract Infections And Cranberry Juice

Urinary tract infections and cranberry juice are mentioned together quite often. While cranberry juice will help prevent bladder infection if you’re prone to suffering from them a lot, this juice won’t cure them. If it was that easy then ten million women wouldn’t need to see their doctor every year for antibiotics. That doesn’t mean though, that antibiotics are the only cure for a UTI.

Natural UTI remedy

A urinary tract infection can still be cured with a natural remedy if you don’t want the unnecessary side effects of using antibiotics on your infection. Although ten million women get them prescribe every year, they aren’t the only way to treat your infection, and they aren’t the most successful either. Antibiotics only work first tome on around 50% of women. This is not good if you fall into the group of women that need multiple courses of this powerful anti bacterial drug.

Natural UTI remedies work in around 100% of all ceases because they don’t need to kill the bacteria like antibiotics do. You’re shown how to create an environment in your urinary tract that will cause the bacteria to release itself from your body, and then it can easily be flushed out. Your infection is cured in 12 hours.

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