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Urinary Tract Infections And Pregnancy

Urinary tract infections and pregnancy are two things that definitely don’t go together. The reason being that antibiotics are the only cure your doctor can give you for your UTI, but antibiotics ( especially trimethoprim ) which are generally prescribed for bladder infections inhibit the absorption of folic acid. Folic acid is important for your growing, unborn baby.

Medicine, drugs and pregnancy

In general it’s safe to say, if you’re pregnant it’s best to avoid any drugs or medicines if you can. There’s no guarantee that any drug will not harm your unborn child, and if you do decide to take any antibiotics for your urinary tract infection while you’re pregnant please do so with your doctors full guidance.

Antibiotics are so easily available online now that more women are just buying them to treat their urinary tract infections without consulting their doctor first. They see what type of antibiotics cure a UTI then just buy them. Only your doctor will know what type you can use, and this is even more important if you’re pregnant. Your previous antibiotics use will play an important part in what type you might need now.

Urinary tract infection home remedy

If you’re pregnant and suffering from a urinary tract infection then you have an alternative from using antibiotics as the cure. You can use a home remedy that uses products purchased from your local grocery store or supermarket.

The good news is this UTI home remedy is a lot more successful than antibiotics as well. Antibiotics are only effective in 50% to 60% of infections, and the success rate gets lower after every course of antibiotics that is used. Antibiotics usually take anywhere from 3 to 7 days if they work first time.

Your home remedy will take just 12 hours to rid your urinary tract of the E coli bacteria, and has a success rate of almost 100%. It works faster than antibiotics because you don’t need to kill the E coli, you just need to flush the bacteria out of your urethra and bladder. All you do is create an acidic environment in your urinary tract that the E coli can’t live in so it’s forced to let go of the walls of your urethra and bladder so it can then be flushed out.

You get a complete step by step plan for this 12 hour UTI home remedy that’s easy to follow, and you can be starting your UTI treatment within the hour. You will be cured by this time tomorrow, and you’ll save money as well as time. You can read more information about your home remedy for UTI here – Mary Jo Barton’s 12 Hour UTI Home Remedy.

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