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UTI That Won’t Go Away With Antibiotics

If you’re suffering from a UTI that won’t go away with antibiotics there is a reason for this problem, and it can be easily rectified. If you are struggling to cure your UTi then you can use a natural cure that will have your urinary tract infection fully cured in 12 hours, and you can read about that at 12 Hour UTI Remedy

Your infection is resistant to the antibiotics

The E coli bacteria that is infecting your urinary tract is now resistant to the antibiotics you’re using. This can happen for a couple of reasons.

You may have taken antibiotics in the past for another infection, and while you were using these antibiotics the E coli in your system became resistant. Bacteria will do this as a natural defense mechanism. Bacteria are excellent at adapting to their surroundings so they can survive, and that includes adapting to antibiotics.

Another reason is you have used the antibiotics before and not finished the course properly. If you take antibiotics it’s important to finish the course so you kill all the infection causing bacteria so none is left to easily become resistant.

How many courses have you taken

If you’ve taken many courses of antibiotics to treat your urinary tract infection then the E coli will just get stronger with every course of treatment. Antibiotics are so easily available online that women will use them without the guidance of their doctor. This means they can end up taking the wrong antibiotics and the wrong dosage. This is dangerous, and can leave you open to any type of infection.

Natural cure for UTI

If you’re in the position where antibiotics are no longer effective at curing your UTI you can still be symptom free by this time tomorrow. You can use a natural UTI treatment that gets to work within 12 hours, and will rid your urinary tract of the E coli that antibiotics can no longer kill.

You can read more on this 12 Hour Natural UTI Remedy here. You can be cured before your next doctor’s appointment.

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