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What Antibiotics Cure Chronic Urinary Tract Infections

What antibiotics to take for chronic UTI? Only your doctor can answer that question, and if you’re doctor had done their job correctly in the first place you wouldn’t be suffering from chronic urinary tract infections.

Treating yourself

If you’ve been treating yourself with antibiotics without your doctors help then the E coli causing your infection is now resistant to antibiotics. Antibiotics are so easily purchased online now that many women treat their UTI without the guidance from a professional.

Antibiotics are dangerous to your health if used incorrectly, and can mess up your body’s natural chemical and bacterial balance. If you don’t take the correct course for the correct amount of time then all the bacteria in your body can become resistant, and then you’re in trouble.

Antibiotics and chronic UTI’s

Antibiotics are the biggest cause of chronic urinary tract infections because of what was explained above. They kill all of your body’s natural defenses so you can easily get infections anywhere on your body. Antibiotics kill off your friendly bacteria and weaken your immune system. Both of these need to be strong to keep you healthy and infection free.

If you keep using more antibiotics then the infection could spread to your kidney’s and then you’ll end up on a drip having antibiotics pumped into your blood.

The expense

Continually using antibiotics is also expensive. These antibacterial drugs can run into hundreds of dollars and they’re not even needed for a urinary tract infection. Doctors prescribe them so the drugs companies can pay them their wages. You can cure your UTI without any expensive drugs.

Curing your UTI naturally

You can easily cure your UTI in 12 hours no matter how chronic it is. Mary Jo Barton has created a 12 hour natural UTI cure that has no side effects, and you’ll be cured by this time tomorrow.

A natural cure doesn’t kill the E coli so there is no chance of any resistance from the bacteria. All the natural cure does is create an environment that the E coli can’t live in, and then you flush the E coli out of your urinary tract.

The cure consists of grocery store items that you can purchase today. Your immune system will receive a boost, and you’ll learn who to keep the E coli from infecting you ever again.

You can read more about the 12 hour natural UTI cure here – Mary Jo Barton’s 12 Hour Urinary Tract Infection Natural Cure.

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