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What Antibiotics To Use To Cure A Urinary Tract Infection

What antibiotics to take for a urinary tract infection is a common question asked on the internet. The answer to this question though, is, ask your doctor. Only your doctor knows which antibiotics you should be taking, and only your doctor will know the length of time you should be taking them for.

Resistant E coli

Thousands of women now purchase their antibiotics online without knowing which type need to be taken. For example, many women go online is search of amoxicillin, and these are no longer used by many doctors because too many strains of E coli are now resistant to this antibiotic. If anyone starts using this antibiotic, and the strain of E coli that they’re infected with are already resistant then they’ll just make the E coli stronger, and their infection will get worse.

Once a resistant E coli has been created then you’re in trouble. You will need a more powerful antibiotic to cure an infection which is relatively easy to cure once you know how.

The correct antibiotics

Even if you purchase the correct antibiotics you still need to know exactly how long to take them for. The symptoms of your infection will disappear before the E coli is killed, and some women stop taking their antibiotics at this point. This is another way to create a super bacteria that is resistant to the anti bacterial drug.

Antibiotics are powerful drugs that should never be taken without the guidance of your doctor or health practitioner. If used incorrectly they can destroy your health. They do a lot more to your body than cure an infection. Incorrectly used antibiotics can cause chronic urinary tract infections that are very difficult to cure.

UTI home remedy

If you want to cure your urinary tract infection without the help of your doctor then you can use a UTI home remedy. You’ll save money compared to purchasing antibiotics, and you’ll also save time. A UTI home remedy will cure your infection in 12 hours, so depending on what time you’re reading this blog post you could be cured by this evening. You’ll definitely be cured by tomorrow as a home remedy is a 12 hour treatment that completely flushes the E coli out of your urinary tract.

If you want to use antibiotics that you purchase online you will be cured with a home remedy before your antibiotics are even delivered to your door.

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