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What Happens If My Urinary Tract Infection Is Left Untreated

Many women suffering their first UTI ask, “what happens if my urinary tract infection is left untreated?”

The simple answer to this question is, your urinary tract infection, if left untreated will get worse. Most UTIs are caused by the E coli bacteria, and this will not leave it’s place of infection on it’s own. And it will eventually make its way up to your kidneys. If you’re thinking about leaving your UTI untreated because you don’t want to take antibiotics then you do have other options.

Natural UTI treatment

You can use a natural UTI treatment that will have you feeling the relief from your burning urination in 12 hours. A completely drug free bladder infection cure works faster than antibiotics because it doesn’t kill the bacteria, it just flushes it out. For more information about how you can cure your infection for good visit Natural UTI Cure and read testimonials from women who have cured their UTI in 12 hours without antibiotics.

Treatment is very important

If you suspect you have a urinary tract infection it’s important you get it diagnosed as soon as possible by your doctor, and then start treating it as soon as possible. A urinary tract infection will travel from your urethra up into your kidneys if it’s not treated in time. This can lead to serious health problems if your UTI gets this far. Please don’t let it happen.


Nephritis is the name given to a urinary tract infection of the kidneys, and if this is diagnosed you will have to go to hospital to have antibiotics given to you on a drip. No one wants to get into this situation just because they didn’t treat their UTI in time. Oral antibiotics can ruin your body’s natural bacterial balance so antibiotics on a drip, put straight into your vein won’t be any better for you.

Better to be safe than sorry

As soon as you think you are suffering from any type of vaginal infection it’s important to see your doctor as soon as possible. You will then get a correct diagnosis, and after that it’s entirely up to you how you treat yourself.

If you want to treat your urinary tract infection naturally visit Natural UTI Cure. By this time tomorrow you’ll be glad you did.

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Leaving a urinary tract infection untreated.

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