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When Antibiotics Don’t Cure Your Urinary Tract Infection

A women has emailed saying that her antibiotics are not curing her urinary tract infection. There are 2 main reasons why the antibiotics are not working on her UTI which are explained below.

The bacteria is resistant to the antibiotics

If you have ever taken more than one course of antibiotics the bacteria in your body will slowly build up a resistance to the medication. This is more the case in women who have taken antibiotics and stopped taking the medication before the course was completed.

It is very important that you always finish a course of antibiotics as the bacteria that hasn’t been killed will adapt, and learn how to survive when another course is started.

Multiple courses of antibiotics will let the bacteria in your body build up a resistance even if you finish the courses. Bacteria naturally gets stronger when it is exposed to these anti fungal medications on a regular basis. This is why we know have super bugs in hospitals, because of the widespread use of antibiotics.

The antibiotics has killed all your natural defenses

Another reason why antibiotics stop working against urinary tract infections is, the antibiotics kill all the natural defenses in your body. These are your friendly bacteria that naturally live in your intestines, urinary tract and on your skin. They keep your body’s bacteria in balance so the harmful bacteria doesn’t start to take over, which is when you start suffering from infections like UTIs and yeast infections.

Once you finish the course of antibiotics the bacteria causing your UTI will have no friendly bacteria to stop it re-infecting your urinary tract.

This is why natural cures are better

A natural cure will not allow the bacteria to become resistant to your treatment, and a natural UTI cure will not disrupt your body’s natural bacterial balance. A natural UTI cure will encourage the growth of friendly bacteria, and make your body’s natural defenses stronger against any recurrent infections.

Mary Jo Barton’s natural UTI remedy cures your urinary tract infection from the root cause, and unlike anti fungal drugs will not just treat the symptoms.

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