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Will Your Bladder Infection Go Away Without Treatment

Will your bladder infection go away without treatment? The simple answer to this question is, no, your bladder infection will not go away without treatment. This is, thankfully, a rare question that is asked by either first time UTI sufferers or by women who don’t want the embarrassment of going to see their doctor.

See your doctor at the first sign of a bladder infection

It’s important that you see your doctor at the first sign you have a bladder infection or urinary tract infection. The quicker you get a correct diagnosis, the better off you will be. Your health can deteriorate quickly if your treat or diagnose an infection incorrectly. Once you have the diagnosis it’s then up to you what you use to cure yourself. Your doctor will prescribe antibiotics, but more women are turning to natural alternatives because they are better for their health.

If your bladder infection is left untreated

If your bladder infection is left untreated it will only get worse. Your bladder infection is caused by the E coli bacteria sticking to your urethra and working it’s way up to your bladder. If you don’t attempt to treat your bladder infection the E coli bacteria will work its way up to your kidneys. In extreme cases, kidney infection sufferers can end up in hospital with antibiotics being pumped straight into their bloodstream.

Antibiotics taken orally can seriously effect your health so intravenous antibiotics will be a far lot worse. This is why it’s important for a correct diagnosis as soon as possible, and then start your treatment as soon as possible.

Natural bladder infection treatments

Although antibiotics are successful at curing bladder infections, if you want to use equally successful natural alternatives that have no side effects, you have a couple of excellent options.

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