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Using Monistat When You Don't Have A Yeast Infection

If you're using Monistat when you don't have a yeast infection then you're not alone. Many women do this now, and it's not doing them any good. The main reason for this is the easy availability of this anti fungal yeast infection cream. There's no need for a doctors prescription, and the drug store/chemist where the cream is purchased are not going to be interested in whether you've got an infection so they won't guide anyone who doesn't know the dangers.

Resistant yeast

The first problem when you use an OTC yeast cure when you don't have a yeast infection is creating resistant yeast. Yeast lives in the vagina naturally, but it is not an aggressive fungus like the yeast that causes the symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection. It is in a harmless condition, and will cause you no problems until something in the environment of your vagina changes.

This change will be brought about by the use of an anti fungal cream when there's no need to use it. When the cream is applied the harmless yeast will react to it, and it will react by mutating into a fungus. Because it's not being used for a yeast infection the cream will not be used properly so it won't kill all the yeast it will just make them more resistant and stronger.

Oral anti fungal drugs

Once you have created a super yeast that is resistant to the OTC yeast cream you have been exposing it to you will then need to use oral anti fungal drugs. The use of these drugs will upset the natural bacterial balance in your intestines, and weaken your immune system.

The need for oral anti fungal drugs can be a long road to a cure. The yeast has already mutated into a super yeast so it will be better prepared for any other anti fungal drug that is used to kill it. Fungus is very good at adapting to the environment that it needs to survive in, and more drugs can make them adapt faster.

Monistat must only be used on yeast infections

Monistat is a powerful anti fungal cream and suppository that should only be used on yeast infections, and should only be used with the guidance of a doctor or health professional. Using this type of treatment when it isn't needed can create something that has the potential to completely destroy your health. Yeast doesn't just infect your vagina, it can infect your intestines, and then your blood.

If you have any sign of a vaginal infection you should see your doctor to get a correct diagnosis before you apply any treatment. If you're suffering from symptoms that you feel need treating then use a natural cure.

Natural yeast infection cure

If you need to stop any itching in your vagina before you have been to your doctor you can use live yogurt and a tampon to relieve your symptoms. All you need to do is dip a tampon in a live natural yogurt which is then inserted into your vagina. Leave the tampon in for a couple of hours, and then remove it. You can do this a couple of times a day.

The bacteria in the yogurt lives in your vagina all the time so there's no chance of any resistance being built by the yeast. Once you have a correct diagnosis from your doctor you can use the appropriate treatment. If you do have a yeast infection then it could be cured by the time you see your doctor. If you're not suffering from a yeast infection at least you know you won't have created one by using Monistat when you don't have a yeast infection.

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