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UTI Cure Without Antibiotics

Your body won't thank you enough if you use a UTI cure without antibiotics. You're joining the thousands of women who have found out that you don't need to use powerful anti bacterial drugs when you can use products that are completely natural. Not only are ethyl natural, but they strengthen your immune system instead of weakening it.


Antibiotics are prescribed to over 10 million women in the USA every year for an infection that doesn't need to be treated with any drugs. Doctors prescribe these drugs because it's the only thing they have that can cure a UTI. What do you think women used before antibiotics were invented? And they were successfully curing themselves without risking their health.

Antibiotics also have a very poor first time strike rate of around 80%. This means that 2 million of those women will have to take a second course of treatment with a more powerful antibiotic. The more antibiotics you take the more your body relies on them to cure future infections, and that's not just urinary tract infections. You're also at a higher risk of getting a yeast infection afterwards because your beneficial bacteria in your intestines has been killed off.

Your immune system

Because your beneficial bacteria has been killed your immune system becomes weak because beneficial bacteria are important for a healthy immune system. When this happens your body is more at risk to getting infections because your body can't fight them off naturally. This leads to you taking more antibiotics, and then your immune system becomes weaker.

12 hour cure

The other major benefit of a natural UTI cure is you'll be cured within 12 hours of starting your treatment. Antibiotics take between 3 and 10 days depending on what length of time your course lasts, and this is only if they cure your infection first time. The strike rate of a successful cure is higher as well at over 99%.

Mary Jo Barton

Mary Jo Barton is the UTI expert responsible for curing thousands on urinary tract infections worldwide without the need for any drugs. You can read more information about Mary's program, and also read customer testimonials here - Mary Jo Barton's UTI Cure Without Antibiotics >.

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