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UTI Doesn't Go Away

UTI doesn't go away? If your urinary tract infection keeps coming back you're not alone. Around 60% of UTi's need a second course of antibiotics and then a smaller percentage of sufferers need a third, and so on. The problem with taking multiple course of antibiotics is, the E coli causing the infection becomes resistant to them, and then they have no effect on your infection at all.

The cost to you

AS well as becoming very expensive, the cost to you for taking so many courses of antibiotics is your health as well. Your beneficial bacteria in your body is taking a battering, and so is your immune system. A weakened immune system is not going to help you fight of a urinary tract infection, and you could soon start suffering from other infections such as yeast infections.

As you take more course of antibiotics your body begins to learn that you're going to take another course once you get infected with something. So in the end your body gives up fighting on it's own. This is something you need to reverse, and in order to do that you need to cure your infection and then strengthen your immune system. Your body will struggle to fight off any infection with a weakened immune system. And then when you go to the doctor, they will just prescribe you more antibiotics.

12 Hour UTI Cure

The good news if your UTI doesn't go away is, you can cure your infection in 12 hours without the need to take any more antibiotics. How long do you normally take antibiotics for just for your UTI to come back? Well, now you can treat yourself in 12 hours.

You also don't need to kill the bacteria, so the E coli that is living in your bowel will not be effected by the treatment. We all have E coli in our bowels, and every time you take antibiotics this E coli is being exposed to the drug. So when you get infected again, you're being infected with E coli that has already had exposure to the drug, and this is why they no longer work.

For much more information, and customer testimonials on a successful natural urinary tract infection treatment you can visit - Mary Jo Barton's UTI natural cure here. Your infection will be cured and then you'll learn how to boost your immunity so you don't get infected in the future.


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