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Urinary tract infection sufferers will often ask the same questions especially when they're having trouble in curing their UTI first time. No one should be suffering from chronic urinary tract infections, and if you are then these questions could relate to your problem.

How to cure your UTI without antibiotics

Learn how you can cure your UTI without powerful anti bacterial drugs like antibiotics - How To Cure UTI Without Antibiotics.

I've used antibiotics and I still have a UTI. Why is that

Although antibiotics are the only treatment your doctor will give you for a urinary tract infection it doesn't mean they are the most successful. Antibiotics can in fact become the cause of UTIs. You can find out more here... I've used antibiotics and still have a UTI. Why is that

What can I do for a bladder infection

When you're suffering from a bladder infection you get 3 choices. Use antibiotics, use a home UTI remedy or you can do nothing. Read more about your options here... What Can You Do For Bladder Infection.

How long to cure a UTI

The length of time in which your urinary tract infection will be cured depends of what type of treatment you choose to use. This article explains your options, and how long they take... How Long To Cure A UTI

Can you cure a UTI without antibiotics

Health conscious women are now using home remedies to cure their UTI because of the benefits, and for the simple reason of there being no side effects. You can read more here... Can You Cure A UTI Without Antibiotics.

Why do I suffer from frequent urinary tract infections

Frequent urinary tract infections are a problem for a small percentage of women. The good news is you no longer need to suffer from a UTI ever again... Frequent Urinary Tract Infections.

How l;ong do antibiotics take to cure a UTI

Antibiotics are prescribed to 10 million American women every year to cure urinary tract infections. 50% of women will need a second course, and there are other factors to take into account when it comes to how long it will take to cure your infection... How Long Do Antibiotics Take To Cure A UTI.

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