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UTI Treatments - What You Should Know

UTI treatments come in all shapes and sizes, some cure you, some don't, and some cure you and give you the knowledge to keep your urinary tract infections away for good. Which will you choose? The more knowledge you have in your battle against UTIs the more chance you have of keeping them away.

This article is going to give you that knowledge, and you will use your new found knowledge to your advantage.

12 million sufferers a year

Up to 12 million men and women will suffer from urinary tract infections this year. They will suffer from the uncomfortable symptoms that include...

  • Pain and in the bladder
  • Burning when urinating
  • Chills and fever
  • And in severe cases, kidney damage

Around 97% of UTI sufferers will go to see their doctor for a cure. It's so important that you see your doctor at the first sign of any symptoms. Once you have been correctly diagnosed your urinary tract infection is then your choice how you cure yourself.

You can either use expensive prescription drugs that treat the infection and it's symptoms, or you can learn to treat yourself naturally, and then keep your urinary tract infections away for good.

What to look for in your urine

If your urine is blood tinged or a kind of rusty color, and this is accompanied by burning then you have a high chance of suffering from a urinary tract infection. This infection is caused by the E coli bacteria, and you can kill this bacteria with a diet of citrus fruits.

Before you attempt to treat yourself it is important to see your doctor first. The last paragraph is only a guide, and is in no way a useful tool for self diagnosis.

Citrus fruits were used for urinary tract infections long before prescription drugs were used. This acidic diet helps your body naturally fight off the E coli bacteria without the use of immune system suppressing drugs.

Preventing urinary tract infections

Here are 5 tips that accompany a successful UTI natural cure program.

Flushing bacteria from your system is how your body naturally rids your urinary tract of the E coli bacteria. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. This helps your body eliminate a lot more toxins apart from the bacteria in your urinary tract.

Vitamin C is a great vitamin to supplement your diet with. Vitamin C creates the environment in your body that bacteria don't like so it helps prevent UTIs. You can find vitamin C naturally in citrus fruits and leafy green vegetables.

Cranberry juice is a well known preventative and cure for urinary tract infections, and UTI treatments don't come more freely available than this one. Cranberry juice prevents the bacteria from clinging to your urinary tract. You should drink 3 - 4 glasses a day during a urinary tract infection.

Eating live yogurts will help keep your supply of beneficial bacteria up so your body naturally prevents bacterial infections.

Eating parsley provides your system with apiol. Apiol is an oil that acts as an antiseptic for your urinary tract. Eating fresh parsley will give you relief from the pain your feel in your bladder for a few hours.

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