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What You Can Do For Your Bladder Infection

What can I do for my bladder infection is a question asked by many first time urinary tract infection sufferers. If you've never suffered with any type of vaginal infection before it can come as a shock, and leave you wondering what you can do about it, and whether you actually do need to do anything about it.

You get three options to choose from when you have a bladder infection. They are...

  • Treat your infection with antibiotics
  • Use a 12 hour home remedy
  • Do nothing

Doing nothing about your urinary tract infection

Some women do choose to do nothing about their infection in the hope that it will go away on it's own. In worst case scenarios these women usually end up in hospital getting a kidney infection treated. If you leave your bladder infection untreated it will get worse, and then it will spread to your kidneys where permanent damage can occur. In most cases though, after a few days these women realize that the infection is getting worse by the severity of their UTI symptoms, and then choose to cure themselves.

Taking antibiotics

Taking antibiotics is the most common form of bladder infection treatment. 10 million women in America will suffer from UTIs this year, and visit their doctor. They will instantly get prescribed antibiotics as this is the only cure a doctor can give you for a urinary tract infection. Antibiotics usually cure about 60% of infections first time, and the course of treatment is anything from 3 to 7 days.

When you need to take more courses of treatment the likelihood of a reoccurrence of the infection is raised. The E coli bacteria that cause the infection can become resistant to the antibiotics, and other possible side effects increase the chances of another infection.

Antibiotics kill off your friendly bacteria as well as the E coli, and this is the reason why yeast infections after a course of antibiotics are so popular now. You friendly bacteria are also needed to keep your immune system strong, and a weakened immune system can allow infections to start in your body.

Home remedy for bladder infections

More women are now finding out about home remedies for their urinary tract infections, and are turning to using them because of the benefits to their health, and the speed in which they work.

A home remedy will work in around 12 hours which is a lot faster than the minimum 3 days of antibiotics. A home remedy has a much better success rate as well with around 98% of infection being cured first time within the 12 hours.

The cost of a natural cure is a lot less than a course of antibiotics as well. You can usually buy everything you need from your local grocery store for under $20. Depending on what type of antibiotics you need, and for how long you need to take them the cost can go well over $100.

E coli can't build any resistance to a home remedy like they can to antibiotics because of the way they are removed from the urethra and bladder. All that happens is, over the 12 hours you create an environment in your urethra and bladder that prevents the E coli from attaching itself to the walls of your urinary tract, and then you can easily flush out the infection causing bacteria.

For more information on a successful 12 hour bladder infection home remedy visit - Mary Jo Barton's 12 Hour UTI Cure.

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