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What Do Antibiotics Do To Your Body

What do antibiotics do to your body? Apart from curing the infection they was prescribed for antibiotics have other effects on your body.

Your body's natural bacterial balance

When you take a course of antibiotics to cure a bacterial or fungal infection the antibiotics kill all the bacteria living in your body. This is providing none of the bacteria is resistant to the antibiotics.

When all the bacteria is removed from your body by the antibiotics your body becomes a perfect environment for infectious bacteria to start causing problems. Antibiotics are the biggest cause of bacterial and fungal infections and this is one of the reasons why.

Your immune system

Taking antibiotics over a period of time will weaken your immune system. Your body will naturally become dependant on the antibiotics so eventually you need to take them for almost every infection you get. This is another reason why they cause so many bacterial infections because your body needs a healthy immune system to fight of infections.

Natural cures have become very popular lately because when you cure an infection naturally you also repair the cell damage that is caused by the bacteria and fungal infection.

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