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What Does It Mean When You Keep Getting A yeast Infection

More and more women now ask, what does it mean when you keep getting a yeast infection? What makes it even more complicated is these women are going to their doctor for another course of treatment that doesn't work, and the doctor can't tell them why they keep getting a yeast infection.

What's the big secret?

There is no secret to why you are getting chronic yeast infections, it's just that doctors are not specialized in yeast infections and there causes. Doctors only know how to cure the symptoms which, on most occasions is an itchy vagina. Once you have this yeast infection symptom, and the doctor has tested you all he/she can do is prescribe you an anti fungal treatment.

The yeast may be resistant to the treatment you're using

The Candida yeast is a fungus, and fungi are very good at adapting to their environment. The Candida yeast will mutate to fight the anti fungal treatment you're using once it starts getting used to it. And while you're continually using the same treatment, and your yeast infection has become chronic, the yeast is getting stronger every time you use the treatment. In the end the treatment is doing the Candida more good than harm.

Antibiotic use

If you have used a lot of antibiotics in the past, this can make the Candida yeast more able to fight medication. Antibiotics will also weaken your immune system, and you need a healthy immune system to fight off infections.

Antibiotics will kill the friendly bacteria in your body as well as the bacteria they were intended for. Your body needs it's friendly bacteria to fight off the infection causing bacteria like the mutating Candida yeast.

Antibiotics, whne used in moderation over your lifetime are needed and the best thing you can use for a bacterial infection. But as you can see they are so easily prescribed that they have become the biggest cause of most chronic fungal and bacterial infections in humans.

You could have an underlying illness or health problem

Make sure your doctor has checked you for any illness or health conditions that could be contributing to your recurrent yeast infections.

Diabetes is a condition that can cause recurrent yeast infections. If your blood sugar is being elevated too high after you have eaten this can bring on yeast infections. The Candida yeast loves sugar, and that includes blood sugar.

Other, more serious illnesses like the HIV/AIDS virus can cause your immune system to become weak enough to cause chronic yeast infections. Most HIV/AIDS patients are on oral anti fungal drugs full time to stop bacterial and fungal infections from killing them.

What you can do to cure your yeast infection

There are some excellent resources available on the internet that can help you rid your body of Candida overgrowth, and if you have no health problems you almost certainly is Candida overgrowth that is causing your yeast infections.

A lady called Linda Allen has the most popular yeast infection program on the internet. Linda has helped tens of thousands of yeast infection sufferers rid their body's of the Candida fungus. She offers one to one support, and will be there for you until you have rid your body of your Candida overgrowth.

Read more about Linda Allen's natural cure here - Linda Allen's Natural Cure For Yeast Infections here.

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