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Why Is My Yeast Infection Worse After Treatment

Why is my yeast infection worse after treatment? This is a question asked by around 7% of yeast infection sufferers. These are the women who unfortunately suffer from chronic yeast infections. There are a few reasons for this to happen which are explained below.

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Resistant Candida yeast

One reason your yeast infection could get worse after your treatment is the Candia yeast was already resistant to the anti fungal medication you have used. Just treating the infection again will make it come back worse because the anti fungal cream or suppository will have killed all the friendly bacteria, and put the bacterial balance in your vagina more in favor of the Candida.

Allergic reaction to the treatment

You could be suffering from an allergic reaction to the anti fungal treatment you've been using. This will make your yeast infection feel worse because of the extra symptoms from the allergic reaction. Allergic reactions to vaginal anti fungal creams and suppositories are similar to the yeast infection itself. Itching and a burning sensation are the main reactions.

You have an intestinal yeast infection

If you are suffering from an intestinal yeast infection then the yeast from your intestines will re-infect your vagina once your treatment is finished. When the yeast does re-infect your vagina you will have no friendly bacteria to fight it of because the anti fungal medication has killed it all off. This will naturally make the yeast infection worse.

See your doctor

If your yeast infection has returned, whether it's worse or just the same, it's important to see your doctor to make sure you have no other health problems causing your yeast infection.

If you've self diagnosed your yeast infection then your doctor can make sure you do actually have a yeast infection.

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