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Why Over The Counter Yeast Infection Cures Stop Working

Thousands of yeast infection sufferers discover every month why over the counter yeast infection cures stop working or have never worked from the very first treatment. There are two main reasons for this to happen which are explained below.

The yeast has become resistant to the treatment

If you have successfully cured your yeast infections in the past, and now the same yeast infection treatment no longer works then the Candida yeast could now be resistant to your treatment. The mutated Candida Albicans yeast has the ability to easily adjust to its environment, and continually treating the fungus with the same anti fungal drug will allow it to become resistant.

If you know your over the counter yeast infection treatment has stopped working because the fungus is now resistant then visit Natural Yeast Cure where you'll learn how to cure your infection without using any more anti fungal drugs.

You're only treating the yeast infection symptoms

Another reason why your over the counter yeast infection cure stops working or has never worked is your Candida infected vagina is only one symptom of your yeast infection. The real cause of your yeast infection will either be in your intestines ( candidiasis ) or the cause could be a health problem. Until either of these are cured first you will never cure your vaginal yeast infection.

See your doctor

If your over the counter Candida cure has stopped working or has never worked it's important you see your doctor. Your doctor can rule out any health problems that are causing your recurrent yeast infections, and also make sure that you have been treating a yeast infection.

Many women get their self diagnosis wrong even if they have suffered in the past with a yeast infection. Treating another vaginal infection with a yeast infection cure will give you some relief so you'll think you have a yeast infection. The real infection will be getting worse even though the symptoms have been relieved by your yeast infection cure.

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