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Yeast Infection For A Long Time

If you've had a yeast infection for a long time then it's time you cured yourself. The fungus that is causing your infection is breeding inside your body as well as inside your vagina. If you don't eliminate it from your intestines it will slowly destroy your good health. Your body relies on perfect intestinal health to function properly. The fungus will eventually get into your blood stream if you continue to suffer from chronic yeast infections.

Mutating yeast

The reason you're suffering from fungal infection sin the first place is because your body is allowing the yeast to mutate. Yeast lives in all of us naturally, and our body's natural defenses keep it under control. When your body loses the ability to keep the yeast under control it will grow in numbers and then mutate. It mutates into an aggressive fungus that feeds on your body.

The itching in your vagina is caused by the fungus feeding on the skin cells on the inside your vagina. If you've noticed the itching getting more intense then this is because the treatment you're using is making the fungus more aggressive, and it is also getting deeper into your skin in search of fresh skin cells to feed on.

Your intestines

In your intestines the fungus will be doing the exact same thing it is doing in your vagina. It's feeding ion the cells of the walls of your intestines. If this carries on too long the walls become perforated and then the toxins from the fungus get into your bloodstream. This bring on a load of other symptoms such as aching muscles and joints, and poor mental health.

Early signs of fungus ion the intestines is bloating and gas. A yeast infection for a long time is also a sign that you have intestinal fungus because you've only been treating the yeast in your vagina, and because your not treating it from the cause, you're not being cured.

Expert help

Most sufferers who've had a yeast infection for a long time get expert help as just one mistake in your diet can fed the fungus, and then you'll never eliminate it from your body. You need to completely eliminate the fungus, and also treat the reason why your body is allowing the yeast to mutate.

Linda Allen has helped tens of thousands of yeast infection sufferers worldwide, and Linda can help you also. You can find out how Linda Allen has helped these people eliminate the fungus from their body here - Linda Allen's Natural Yeast Cure.

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