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Yeast Infection In Your Mouth - Oral Thrush

A yeast infection in your mouth ( oral thrush ) is no different to any other yeast infection you can suffer from. Oral fungus is a sign that your body has lost control of the Candida Albicans yeast living in it, and now thi syeast is mutating into a fungus. What makes oral yeast worse is the fact that when you eat, you're swallowing it with your food so it is entering your digestive tract. It will carry on feeding in there until you decide to kill it off.

The cause of your oral yeast infection

You have a Candida yeast living in your body, we all do, and this Candida is now mutating into a fungus that is causing your symptoms. The reason you have such a build up of fungus in your mouth is because fungus loves warm moist places. That's why the vagina in the most common part of a body for an infection.

Just because you're only showing symptoms in your mouth that doesn't mean that is the only place you have fungus, and as mentioned above, you are now swallowing the fungus. This fungus will grow in your intestines as it feeds on the food you eat, and it also feeds on the cells in your intestines.

Ill-fitting dentures are a cause of yeast infections in your mouth, but if you don't wear dentures then your body's natural defenses have weakened, and this is what is allowing the Candida to mutate into fungus.

What you can do to cure your oral yeast infection

You can go to your doctor who will prescribe you something for the fungus in your mouth. They will take a culture test to make sure you do have oral thrush and then prescribe you an anti fungal drug to kill the fungus. What your doctor can't do is prescribe something that prevents the Candida from mutating once your treatment has stopped. So you could end up getting another infection in the future, or it could come back as soon as you finish your course of treatment.

If you want to completely eliminate the fungus from your whole body, which isn't a bad idea seeing as you've been swallowing it for a while, then you need some expert help. Linda Allen has helped over 100,000 sufferers completely remove fungus from their body so they no longer suffer from any type of yeast infections. It doesn't matter what part of your body has the symptoms, all infections need to be treated from the root cause.

You can read more about how Linda Allen has helped all those sufferers and read what some of them have said about her help at Natural Yeast Cure. Your health is going to improve on top of your infection being cured.

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