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Archive for April, 2007

Will Probiotics Help To Cure Your Yeast Infection

Posting replies to your questions is one of the things that make this natural cures for yeast infections blog an enjoyment. I like to post the replies here so you all get the benefits of the answers. A lady emailed me a short while ago asking, “Will probiotics cure help to cure my yeast infection?” […]

How Long After Taking Antibiotics Do You Get A Yeast Infection

I’ve been asked a few times lately, “How long after taking antibiotics do you get a yeast infection?” This will be a different amount of time for every individual. And I’ll also ask, why wait to find out? Probiotics I’ll recommend to anyone who has just finished a course of antibiotics to start taking a […]

Candisil Effectiveness

I have often received emails asking about Candisil’s effectiveness When you have to buy products for curing your yeast infection over the internet people are always worried about handing over money. Many women are trying every Candida treatment available sometimes to cure themselves so it’s good when you can be guided to something that works, […]

Sarah Summer’s Natural Cure For Yeast Infections

Natural Cure For Yeast Infection is an ebook/report written by one-time yeast infection sufferer Sarah Summer. Sarah is also an editor of a health publication. Sarah’s yeast infection A few years ago Sarah was suffering from recurrent yeast infections, and like many, she was unable to get any help from her doctor. All the medications […]

Using monistat and yeast infection is getting worse

A lady emailed me the other day saying she is using monistat and her yeast infection is getting worse. This can really be only one of two things. 1. It’s not a yeast infection The first thing I did was email this lady back straight away asking her, “had she had seen her doctor yet?” […]

What Happens When You Keep Your Yeast Infection Too Long

Someone asked me the other day, “What happens when you keep a yeast infection too long?” Depending on where you have this person has their yeast infection will produce different symptoms. But the most important question is not what happens, but why have they had their yeast infection for too long? If you’re taking any […]

Can I Take Anti Candida Products With Threelac

I got an email from a lady today asking me, “Can I take anti Candida products with threelac?” The answer is yes. But not at the same time of the day. Taking your anti Candida product at the same time as the Threelac will kill the beneficial bacteria before it has got into your bowel. […]

How To Get Rid Of Candida In The Bowel

I’m often asked “How to get rid of Candida in the bowel?” The hundreds of thousands of men and women worldwide who are suffering from candidiasis would have better health and wellbeing if this was easy to achieve. The severity of the candidiasis Depending on how severe your candidiasis is, and how long you have […]

Threelac is causing die off symptoms

Every so often we here from someone saying their Threelac is causing die off symptoms, or their yeast infection symptoms are getting worse. What is really happening When these women/men experience these symptoms they are assuming this is because the Threelac is making their yeast infection/candidiasis worse. These symptoms are in reality a sign that […]

Extreme Vaginal Itching

Someone mentioned the other day that she had no other symptoms except extreme vaginal itching. While this is a yeast infection symptom, asking someone through an e-mail conversation is no way of a correct diagnosis. Always see your doctor You will notice that throughout this blog and in my “Cure Your Yeast Infection Naturally” ebook […]