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Archive for May, 2007

Fun Food Health And Inspiration

This is just a quick post really. I discovered today our blog got a mention on another blog in one of there posts. It makes everything all worthwhile when other blog masters recognize your work. Fun, food, health and inspiration The blog is called Go Smell The Flowers, and is a blog about fun, food, […]

Can Monistat Make Your Yeast Infection Worse

Someone has emailed me asking, “Can monistat make a yeast infection worse?” It’s not the monistat If you are using monistat, and your yeast infection is getting worse it’s not the monistat that’s making it worse. The reason your yeast infection isn’t being cured can be one of two reasons… You could have another vaginal […]

Sugar In Fizzy Drinks

I was just visiting a forum while I was surfing the internet, and I came across a forum post which someone had started. Their forum discussion was started with the question “Coke or Pepsi?” If I must drink one of them If I must drink one of them myself, which is very rare, I go […]

Monistat Coupons

If you’re treating, or are going to treat your yeast infection with monistat there are coupons you can buy on eBay that will save you a few dollars. You will usually get about 20 coupons for about $2.50 including your postage. I personally prefer the natural approach to curing a yeast infection. I’ve been down […]

Is It Safe To Have Sex While On Monistat

“Is it safe to have sex while on monistat?” Your yeast infection treatment can interfere with the effectiveness of certain contraceptives, and you are only using the cream for 7 days. If you’re using this cream for more than 7 days, or are using it almost permanently then it isn’t curing your yeast infection, it’s […]

How To Survive Yeast Die Off

I was asked yesterday “How to survive yeast die off?” I think this lady was suffering from some heavy Candida die off as she said her die off symptoms were worse than the yeast infection itself. Why you get Candida die off Candida die off is caused by the toxins released by the dead Candida […]

Can A Yeast Infection Be Cured By Diet Alone

I was asked recently “Can a yeast infection be cured by diet alone?” What a yeast infection is A yeast infection is caused by a mutating Candida yeast that resides in almost everyone’s body inside and out. The fungal form of the Candida yeast is a very resilient bacteria that easily adapts to it’s surroundings. […]

Candida Cure Using Bentonite Clay

Someone’s emailed us asking if you can cure your yeast infection using bentonite clay. Bentonite clay is a great product for detoxing but on it’s own will not cure a yeast infection. Candida die off If you’re suffering from Candida die off then bentonite clay can be mixed with psyllium husks to make a bowel […]

Discount Threelac

Since I cured myself of systemic candidiasis it’s been mine and my husbands goal to help as many women worldwide cure themselves naturally from yeast infections/candidiasis. The biggest part of my anti Candida protocol was Threelac, and you can now get it at a discount straight from the manufacturer. For a yearly subscription if just […]

If Your Yeast Infection Won’t Go Away

A lady emailed me recently telling me her yeast infection won’t go away. So many women are in this position, 5% of women suffer from chronic yeast infections at one time in their life. See your doctor If you’re one of these 5% then I strongly recommend that you go and see your doctor to […]