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Archive for September, 2007

Yeast Infections: How Long To Feel Relief From Your Symptoms

Many women like to know how long it is till they get relief from their yeast infection. There are many getting relief in the time it takes other women are searching for an answer to that question. Within 12 hours Some women are getting it right straight away and realizing that there’s more to a […]

Natural Remedies For Getting Rid Of Yeast In Your Intestines

There are a lot of natural remedies for getting rid of yeast in your intestines. The question is, are they all as as good as one another? What you need from a natural remedy No one single natural product will work on its own, if it did then an anti fungal drug would work as […]

How Food Gets Into Your Blood

This blog post will explain how food gets into your blood when you’re suffering from an intestinal yeast infection. The mutated Candida When you suffer from an intestinal yeast infection the Candida yeast in your intestines has mutated into an aggressive fungal form. When the Candida mutates it grows rhizoids that it uses to attach […]

What Can The Candida Yeast Do To Your Body

What can the Candida yeast do to your body? What is the Candida fungus Candida albicans lives in all of us naturally from a very early age. When your body’s natural defenses are compromised in some way this usually harmless and under control yeast is allowed to mutate into a more aggressive form. This aggressive […]

Will Natural Yogurt Cure My Yeast Infection

Will natural yogurt cure your yeast infection? Mild vaginal yeast infection If you are suffering from a mild vaginal yeast infection then a live,natural yogurt is the perfect cure. You must be sure thought that the natural yogurt is a live yogurt and doesn’t contain any sugar. If the yogurt contains sugar you will just […]

Do Antibiotics Treat Yeast Infections

Do antibiotics treat yeast infections? This is a question that someone sent in recently, and the simple answer to it is, no. Antibiotics will kill the yeast infection, but they do more harm to other parts of your body, and leave your body in a condition that is more open to bacterial and fungal infections. […]

Chronic Ringworm And A Yeast Infection

If you’re suffering from chronic ringworm and a yeast infection then both of these infections could have the same cause. Although they’re both different infections caused by different fungi they both may have been allowed to mutate for the same reasons. Antibiotic use Antibiotic use could have caused both of these strains of fungi to […]

Can You Get Lower Back Pain From A Yeast Infection

Can you get lower back pain from a yeast infection? Lower back pain is not a symptom of a vaginal yeast infection. I’ll explain below. Your kidney area Your kidneys are located in your lower back area so any lower back pain while you’re suffering from an infection could be a sign of a kidney […]

Is Linda Allen’s Yeast Infection no More Any Good?

I’m often asked, is Linda Allen’s “Yeast Infection No More” any good? Tens of thousands of yeast free customers Linda Allen’s Yeast Infection No More is a Candida yeast holistic program that has helped tens of thousands of yeast infection sufferers worldwide. These people range from first time yeast infection sufferers ( who want to […]

Why You Should Cure Your Intestinal Yeast Infection As Soon As Possible

Nearly all men and women aren’t aware that they should cure their intestinal yeast infection as soon as possible. It’s not like a vaginal yeast infection where you can suffer some symptoms for a while and then cure yourself in a few days with an over the counter treatment. An intestinal yeast infection will get […]