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Archive for October, 2007

Stomach Fungal Infection Cure

I’m often asked about stomach fungal infection cures as many people don’t know which ones to buy and trust. You can choose from a lot of yeast cures on the internet, but from what I hear off of people there are only a few that actually work on a high percentage of sufferers. Treating stomach […]

How Long Does Vaginal Burning From Monistat Last

How long does vaginal burning from monistat last? This is a question someone has asked. If you don’t already know, Monistat is an over the counter yeast infection medication that has the active ingredient miconazole. If your monistat is burning you If you’re suffering from burning while using monistat you must discontinue it’s use, and […]

Can You Drink Diet Coke During Your Yeast Infection

After my blog post Will drinking coke cure my yeast infection I’ve been asked, can I drink diet coke during my yeast infection. What yeast infection do you have If you’re suffering from a vaginal yeast infection then you should be able to drink diet coke during your infection. I’m not saying they’re a good […]

My Yeast Infection Won’t Go Away With Oral Medication

My yeast infection won’t go away with oral medication. This is what someone has sent to me, and asked for my advice. once your doctor prescribes you oral medication for your yeast infection, and then it doesn’t work there isn’t anything else they can do for you. For a high percentage of men and women […]

Can You Use A Stronger Anti Fungal Treatment Than Monistat 1

Can you use a stronger anti fungal treatment than Monistat 1? My answer to this question is, why would you want or need to? I know I’ve answered a question with a question but it seems that doctors and the medical profession have made women think that if one treatment doesn’t work then they need […]

Will Drinking Coke Cure A Yeast Infection

I’ve had a few emails lately asking, will drinking coke cure a yeast infection. To have a few emails about the same subject in such a small space of time something must have been mentioned on a forum or a group somewhere. What coke will do to your yeast infection Coke is a fizzy drink […]

What Is A Yeast Infection

What is a yeast infection? If you’re reading this blog post you probably know what a yeast infection is, or you at least know how it’s making you feel. But do you really know what it is, and what it’s doing to your body? Find out below Fungal infection The usually harmless and un-noticed Candida […]

FDA Approved Herbal Remedy For Internal Yeast Infections

I’m often asked, what is a good herbal remedy for internal yeast infections? What you need from your herbal remedy It’s easy to find a web site on the internet or look in your local health food store for a herb that will kill the Candida yeast. But this is not enough when it comes […]

Can A Vaginal Infection Cause Bloating

I’m often asked, can a vaginal infection cause bloating? While the actual infection doesn’t cause stomach bloating, the fungus that is causing the infection can cause bloating. What is causing the infection and bloating The Candida yeast that causes yeast infections in your vagina can cause bloating if the infection is in your intestines as […]

How Long Before I feel Relief From My Yeast Infection

How long before I feel relief from my yeast infection? This is a question often asked by men and women who are suffering from a yeast infection that doesn’t clear within a few days. Some of these men and women have gotten relief from their yeast infection, but they could be suffering from an allergic […]