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Archive for November, 2007

How Long After Using Monistat Will My Yeast Infection Clear Up

How long after using Monistat will my yeast infection clear up? This is a question from a lady who is either now going to suffer from recurrent yeast infections, or doesn’t have a yeast infection. Get a doctors diagnosis of your yeast infection first Because OTC vaginal creams are so easily available now, many women […]

Can You Use Monistat To Test For A Yeast Infection

Can you use monistat to test for a yeast infection? This is a question someone has just asked me. Monistat is a yeast infection anti fungal medicine, it is in no way to be used as a method of diagnosing a yeast infection. Other vaginal bacterial infections The problems that can arise if you use […]

Candida With Sweet Food Cravings

When you’re suffering with Candida with a sweet food craving it’s a sign that your Candida has infected more than your vagina. Intestinal yeast infections Sugar cravings are a sign that you’re now suffering from an intestinal yeast infection. Sugar is the Candida’s favorite food, and the more sugar you eat the worse your yeast […]

Can I Take Monistat After Diflucan

Can I take monistat after diflucan? This is a question I’ve just been asked by a women who is now not in a very good position for curing her yeast infection on her own. The first thing that pops into my mind is, why would you need to use monistat after a course of diflucan? […]

How Long Do Yeast Infection Symptoms Last

A regular question from yeast infection sufferers is, “How long do yeast infection symptoms last?” This is a question asked by ( mainly ) women that fall into two categories. The first category is women who after applying treatment for more than a few days are still not finding any relief ( more on that […]

Medication That Will Cure An Intestinal Yeast Infection

I’ve been asked if you can get a medication that will cure an intestinal yeast infection. Your intestinal yeast infection If you’re suffering from an intestinal yeast infection then there is a cause to your infection. No oral anti fungal you can get prescribed will deal with the cause of your infection. So in the […]

I Keep Gettting Candida Infections, Is It Just Me?

I Keep Getting Candida Infections, Is It Just Me? If you keep getting yeast infections you’re not suffering alone. 5% of women will suffer from recurrent/chronic yeast infectionsat some time in their life, and most of them don’t know why. And to make matters no better their doctor doesn’t know why either. The light at […]

Yeast Infection After Monistat

A yeast infection after Monistat usually happens when someone use this anti fungal cream as a yeast infection test. This cream is used to kill fungus and it is in no way a test for fungal infections. If you use Monistat and you haven’t got a yeast infection then you’ll create one. If you’ve create […]

What Makes Your Yeast Infection Itch

What makes your yeast infection itch? That’s a question someone has asked, and I’ll explain it as as best as I can below. Your yeast infection Your yeast infection is caused by the mutated Candida yeast that is now a fungus. I don’t think many women realize that they are actually infected with a fungus, […]