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Archive for January, 2008

Candida Free Diet

A Candida free diet is the first part of completely eliminating the Candida yeast from your body. There are certain Candida diet guidelines you have to stick too, and these are the foundation of your health getting back to the way it was, and all of your symptoms disappearing. Your anti candida diet An anti […]

Treating Reoccuring Yeast Infections

Treating reoccuring yeast infections can become a nightmare for many women. This is especially the case for you if you don’t fully understand yeast infections, and also have no idea why you have your infections in the first place. Once you understand both of these you’ll be well on your way to curing your Candida […]

Yeast Infection Diagnosis

Proper yeast infection diagnosis is something a lot of vaginal infection sufferers fail to do. This can lead to you giving yourself the wrong treatment, and leaving a more serious infection untreated. A correct yeast infection diagnosis A correct yeast infection diagnosis can only be performed by your doctor. That’s even if you’ve suffered from […]

Natural Yeast Infection Cures

Natural yeast infection cures are becoming the choice of treatment for thousands of yeast infection sufferers every month. There are so many pluses when it comes to curing your yeast infection naturally over using drug and medicine treatments which are explained below. Your intestinal and vaginal flora Drugs and medicines that are used to treat […]

Women’s Health And Yeast Infections

Women’s health and yeast infections are both connected in ways that most women don’t realize. Yeast infections are caused by the overgrowth of the mutated Candia Albicans yeast which basically means that your natural healthy, friendly bacteria is very low, and your health depends on friendly bacteria for a number of reasons. Your internal health […]

Curing A Yeast Infection Caused By Antibiotics

Curing a yeast infection caused by antibiotics is probably one of the toughest types of yeast infections to cure. Antibiotics make a couple of serious changes in your body as well as cure the infection they were prescribed for. Your friendly bacteria While antibiotics kill the bacteria that they were prescribed for they also kill […]

Which Antibiotics Can Give You A Yeast Infection

A common question is, which antibiotics can give you a yeast infection? The simple answer to this is, in the right individual, any antibiotic can give you a yeast infection. It doesn’t matter which type it is as they all do the same things to your body. Your natural intestinal flora Antibiotics are prescribed by […]

I Had More Energy When I Was Taking Oral Anti Fungals

If you are in the position where you had more energy when you were taking your oral anti fungal then you have a very good chance of suffering from an intestinal yeast infection. The oral anti fungal drug was killing the yeast when you were taking it so your energy levels were higher, and now […]

Why You Need To Rid Your Body Of Candida Yeast

Here’s a list of reasons why you need to rid your body of the mutated Candida yeast… The mutated Candida destroy body cells. When the Candia has infected you, whether it’s on your skin, inside your vagina, or inside your intestines it will start to feed on the cells of your body. This cell damage […]

Cure For Candida Intestinal Infection With Bloating

A cure for a Candida intestinal infection with bloating is easy to find, but it won’t work if you continue to do things that counteract the natural Candida treatment you’re using. Many women continue to do the wrong things, and then wonder why their intestinal yeast infection isn’t clearing. Your anti Candida diet The most […]