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Archive for February, 2008

Yeast Infection After Surgery

A yeast infection after surgery is something that is getting more common now. The reason for this is the antibiotics that get prescribed after your surgery. This unfortunately is a course of antibiotics that is given for a real reason, but antibiotics are the biggest cause of yeast infections, and that is why yeast infections […]

Is It Bad To Have Yeast In Your Intestines

Is it bad to have yeast in your intestines? In a word, yes. The Candida yeast that causes intestinal yeast infections is an aggressive fungus that will feed on your intestines until they are perforated. This is when the real symptoms start to affect you. Symptoms of intestinal yeast infections The early symptoms of intestinal […]

Yeast Infection For A Long Time?

If you’ve had a yeast infection for a long time then it will become harder to cure as time goes on. Also, there is a reason you’ve had it for a long time if you’ve been trying to treat it with anti fungal creams or suppositories. What the mutated yeast is doing to you As […]