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Archive for November, 2008

Can You Use A Yeast Infection Medication Even If You Don’t Have A Yeast Infection

Using a yeast infection medication when you’re not suffering from a yeast infection is not a good thing to do, and can in fact cause a yeast infection if you’re not suffering from one, or have never suffered from one before. The vagina is self cleaning Many women get the idea that using an anti […]

Mood Swings With A Yeast Infection

You can be suffering from mood swings with a yeast infection for a number of reasons. They are explained below. systemic yeast infection One reason is your yeast infection has gone systemic. This means that the yeast, its toxins and small food particles have got into your bloodstream, and this is now effecting your internal […]

If One Diflucan Didn’t Work Can I Take Another One

If one Diflucan doesn’t work can you take another? If you have taken a one pill treatment that was suppose to clear your yeast infection/thrush in a couple of days then you should go back and see your doctor first. Seeing your doctor for a correct diagnosis Some women take Diflucan after self diagnosing their […]

Can You Take Diflucan While On Antibiotics

Can you take diflucan while on antibiotics. The answer to this question is, there is no point in taking diflucan while on antibiotics because the antibiotics will kill all the fungus and bacteria in your body anyway. This means that the Diflucan will be useless. Diflucan and resistant yeast If you get anything out of […]

Monistat Or Diflucan

A lot of women ask what to use for their yeast infection, Monistat or Diflucan? The only person that can answer this question is your doctor. Your doctor will have your complete medical history so he/she will know what treatment is the best for you to use. If you’re taking other medicines or drugs already […]

After Using Monistat How Long To cure Your Yeast Infection

After taking Monistat your yeast infection should be cured within 7 days. This is the case no matter what Monistat you use for your infection. If it hasn’t worked for you please don’t purchse another course of treatment until you have read the article below. Monistat 1 Monistat 1 is a one time application that […]

What’s The Best Treatment For A Yeast Infection

What’s the best treatment for a yeast infection? The best treatment for a yeast infection is a natural one. If you’re asking this question then there’s a good chance you’ve already tried conventional treatments that haven’t worked, and you’re about to find out why. OTC yeast infection cures If you’re tried an over the counter […]