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Archive for January, 2009

Can Monistat Cause A Yeast Infection

Can Monistat cause a yeast infections? Monistat can cause a yeast infection, and it can make a yeast infection worse if it is not used correctly. How does Monistat cause a yeast infection Women now cause more yeast infections than ever because Monistat is available over the counter, and it doesn’t require a prescription. This […]

Treating A Resistant Vaginal Yeast Infection

Treating a resistant yeast infection can be quite difficult if you don’t understand how the Candida yeast is mutating in and on your body. Once the Candia has mutated it turns into a fungus that feeds on your body. While you’re making it resistant it’s getting deeper into your skin. What you must do first […]

Chronic Yeast Infections And What They Do To You And Why They Need Treatment

Chronic yeast infections are more than just an itchy vagina than needs an OTC anti fungal cream to stop your aggravating symptoms. When a yeast infection keeps coming back it’s usually a sign of that something isn’t right with another part of your health. Yeast feeding on your body When you’re suffering from a yeast […]

Toe Nail Fungus And Yeast Infections

For a small percentage of people toe nail fungus and yeast infections are a big problem. Once your body’s natural defenses have been compromised you can get infections on any part of your body from any type of fungus or bacteria. Toe nail fungus treatments If you go to your doctor about your toe nail […]

Antibiotics Haven’t Cured My Yeast Infection

Because of the ease in which women can now purchase antibiotics online more and more are now attempting to use them to cure their yeast infections. Drug companies now make millions of dollars every year just from people purchasing drugs they don’t need, especially antibiotics. The biggest cause of yeast infections Antibiotics are now the […]

Why You Should See Your Doctor Before You Use Monistat

There are very good reasons why you should see your doctor before you use Monistat, and they are explained for you below. Monistat is by far the most popular yeast infection treatment that is available over the counter. Because it is available over the counter the use of it has been abused, and now more […]

Removing Yeast From The Body

Removing yeast from the body is a lot more difficult than doctors would lead you to think. It takes a lot more than just swallowing an anti fungal drug because of the way in which yeast breeds in your intestines. For you to successfully be able to remove the mutated Candida yeast from your body […]

What Is Yeast Die Off

If you’re suffering from yeast overgrowth in your intestines, and you’re fortunate enough to use a successful anti Candia protocol there’s a good chance you’ll suffer from yeast die off. Yeast die off is a series of symptoms that you suffer from when the dead yeast is passing through your intestines, and the toxins released […]

Can I Take Diflucan To Prevent A Yeast Infection While Taking Antibiotics

Taking a powerful anti fungal drug like diflucan to prevent a yeast infection while you’re on antibiotics will only cause a more aggressive infection. The yeast will be stronger than usual because of the exposure to all of the anti bacterial/fungal drugs you’ll have in your body. Yeast lives naturally in the human body, and […]

Treating Resistant Yeast Infections

Treating resistant yeast infections is a lot more difficult than most women think it is. It is also more difficult than a high percentage of doctors think as well because it’s the treatment they prescribe that cause resistant yeast in the first place. A small percentage of women will be infected with a resistant form […]